Quantitative Services

When research projects require data which are projectible or representative of a larger universe, quantitative research projects are usually required. To ensure the reliability and usefulness of your data, Project directors at Cypress will use careful sampling design methodologies, well-tested and efficient questionnaire designs and clear, comprehensive and insightful analysis.

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Qualitative Services

Qualitative research techniques can include focus groups, in-depth one-on-one interviews, brainstorm groups, story completion expert panels, triads and others.

The intent of qualitative research is to gain insights into consumer attitudes, beliefs, motivations, and behaviors - the soft stuff. It provides insights that go below the surface. It draws out subtle, complex aspects of a product or service under review.

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User Group Planning, Moderation & Analysis

Through our years doing market and business research, one of the most compelling lessons we have learned is that our clients that are best at listening to their customers are those that grow and prosper. We have seen, time and time again, that companies that are willing to involve their customers in product and service decisions and that truly want to be their customers’ partners, succeed. These are our customers that don’t have to do much marketing….they don’t have to look for customers……customers find them.

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