As part of the ongoing 2010 Ohio Arts Education Survey being conducted for the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education in partnership with the Ohio Department of Education, the Ohio Arts Council and Quadrant Arts Education Research,  Pat Cirillo presents learnings from other state studies on arts education to the Ohio School Funding Advisory Council.  The study results for Ohio will be released in Fall, 2010.  Stay tuned - the results of this study involve the education of all school children in Ohio.  

Dynamic Model for Future Demand for Nurses in NE Ohio

Anyone paying attention at all in NE Ohio knows that healthcare is 'the' growth industry in our region.  With the strength of our healthcare system and established international reputation, Cleveland is one of only four metro areas in the country which 'import' patients on a widescale basis.   With that comes a huge demand for nurses (nurses comprise about half of all healthcare workers).  To meet the growing demands of our burgeoning health care system, data collection is underway for this very important project.  The model will be used to inform the 'demand side' and the 'supply side' for nurses in NE Ohio to keep this critical industry on track for our region.

Public Safety Radio Systems Study

Since 1998, Cypress Research has conducted semi-annual studies of the public safety radio system industry.  This is an industry which has seen much change over the past decade or so - as frailties in the communication systems for emergency first responders were brought to the forefront with the tragedy on 9/11/2001.  Since then, the 'pull' of technological advances and the 'push' regulatory changes has led to a near-complete re-tooling of our public safety communications.  The 2010 study of this interesting and important industry will be released in the Fall.