About Us

We provide custom research services to meet various market and business research needs. Our research professionals are all experienced on the 'client side' and the 'supplier side,' giving us a keen appreciation of how important it is that all projects are completed on time, on budget, and per our clients' specifications. Our job is to solve our clients' business problems through business intelligence gained through research.

We provide three main types of services:

  • Quantitative Research
  • Qualitative Research
  • Technical User Group Moderation

Why Cypress Research?

Since our founding in 1997, our biggest challenge has been containing our growth. Why? Because we firmly believe that research projects need and deserve the careful attention of a single research professional from end to end. With large research firms, "assembly-line" approaches to conducting research are more the norm. 

At Cypress, your Project Manager will personally complete all of the project steps: meet with you to define your needs, determine the best methodology, design your data collection instrument, oversee the data collection process, design your data processing specifications, analyze your data, write your report, and present your results.   We spend the time to learn your needs, identify the most cost- and time-effective approach to solve your problem, and ensure all information gathered on your behalf is carefully examined to best advise you. 

We do not understand how a quality job can be done any other way. So this is how we do it, and this is why you should choose Cypress Research Group.

Industries Served 

· Hi-tech (Hardware & Software, emphasis on Telecomm)

· Health Care (emphasis on Workforce Development)

· Education (Higher Ed & Primary Ed, emphasis on public policy)

· Fine Arts (Museums, Orchestras, etc.)

· Financial Services (Retail)

Our Senior Team

Amber Young

Senior Project Manager